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Emgrisa recives the “Golden star” for professional excellence

Published 06/05/16

Emgrisa has been awarded the distinction “Golden Star” by the Institute for Professional Excellence and recognizes the professional trajectory and commitment to the excellence of the company in the world of waste management and the treatment of contaminated soils and water.

These awards are presented annually and recognize “the ability to innovate and promote good economic and social development, with a philosophy oriented to quality in all its actions, presenting positive tendencies with a commitment to the continuous improvement and always respecting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)”.

The Institute for Professional Excellence is an institution whose main function is to recognize the quality and certify the commitment of professionals and companies, both at national and international level in their sector.

Emgrisa we would like to thank the Institute for Professional Excellence this award, but especially we would like to take the opportunity to thank to our workers, whose daily work has once again been recognized by society.





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