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This Transparency Portal makes information available to anybody interested in the business of Empresa para la Gestión de ResiduosIndustriales, S.A., S.M.E. (Emgrisa). Information is provided on economic and financial management, corporate, organizational and regulatory information.

The Transparency Portal is an obligation for state owned companies to comply to the provisions of Spanish Law 19/2013 of the 9th of December on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance. Emgrisa expects that users will find this portal useful and informative.

Institutional information

Emgrisa is a state-owned company within the ENUSA Group, who in turn are integrated within the SEPI Group. The activities of Emgrisa are in the environmental sector including the provision of environmental consulting & engineering services to industry and companies as well as waste management, soil & groundwater quality investigations, remediation of contaminated land and technical assistance to public organisms and entities.

The corporate policy of Emgrisa can be found in this website.

The Board of Directors is formed by D. José Vicente Berlanga Arona D. José Luis González Martínez, President of Emgrisa and ENUSA, D. Juan Ignacio Artieda González-Granda, Financial & Industrial Investment Director of ENUSA and D. Fernando Lozano Sánchez, Director of Legal Services of ENUSA.

The Management of Emgrisa is constituted by: D.Mariano Martínez Cepa, General Director of Emgrisa, D. Alfonso Álvarez Rodríguez, Technical Director of Emgrisa and Dña Aurora Fernández Blanco, Financial & Administrative Director of Emgrisa.

Articles of Association

Download here the Articles of Association of Emgrisa (in Spanish).

Code of Conduct

Download here the Code of Conduct of Emgrisa (in Spanish).

Regulatory information

Emgrisa is a company that is subjected to various legislative regulations in Spain such as:  Legal status, activity regulations, contracting of suppliers, goods and services as well as those that regulate good governance and management transparency, for more information (in Spanish) you can click on the links below:

Economic information

This section provides information on management actions that have economic or budgetary repercussions, as well as information regarding the results of the quality of service provided by Emgrisa.


The information contained in Law 19/2013 of the 9th of December on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance in relation to Emgrisa contracts can be consulted in the contractor  profile on the Public Sector Contract Platform

Budget 2017

Emgrisa prepares a budget that is included in the consolidated budget of the SEPI Group, which in turn forms part of the General National Budget of Spain. The budgetary information covered by Law 19/2013 of the 9th of December on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance and is available in the economic-financial information posted on the portal of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations.

Annual Accounts

The fiscal years runs from the 1st of January through 31st of December of each year. In the three months following the closure of the fiscal year, the Board of Directors prepares the annual accounts, the business report and the proposed corporate results, which are subject to the approval of the shareholders meeting within the six months following year’s end.

To access the annual accounts and the auditors’ reports, click here.

Reimbursements, Indemnities and Compatibilities

In accordance with Law 5/2006 of the 10th of April on Regulation on the Conflicts of Interest of the Members of Government and Senior Executives of the State’s General Administration, the only senior executive who also serves as chief executive of the company is the President.

His reimbursements are regulated by Royal Decree 451/2012 of the 5th of March, which specifies the terms of payment of senior officers and managers of the public business sector and other entities, and by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations Order dated the 30th of March 2012 enacting the Royal Decree. During 2016 there have been no indemnities for senior managers or chief executives.

Annual gross remunerations of the president of Emgrisa Mr. José Luis González Martínez, as well as the members of the Board of Directors the company, have not received any economic compensation for assistance, or other remunerations or expenses due to the exercise of this position in the company.


The types of incompatibilities are regulated in Law 53/1984 of the 26th of December on Incompatibilities of People Working for the Public Administrations, and in Royal Decree 598/1985 of the 30th of April on Incompatibilities of People Working for the State Administration, Social Security and Subordinate Entities, Agencies and Enterprises.

The information on compatibility resolutions can be found in the Transparency Portal of the General Administration for the State of Spain.

Collaboration Agreements with the Public Administration

Relation of collaboration agreements with the Spanish Administration and Public Sector

Public aid and subsidies granted

Emgrisa has not received any subsidy or public aid..

Request of Information

The accessibility information provided for in Law 19/2013 of the 9th of December on Transparency, Access to Information and Good Governance is posted in the “Transparency Portal” of our website. For any additional information, please contact us through the following e-mail:

To make sure the mailbox functions well, please include the following data in the request:

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