Emgrisa R & D + i

Emgrisa R & D + i

One of the priorities for Emgrisa is Research, Development and Innovation (R&D+i) with the aim to put into practice more efficient and sustainable treatment technologies and processes while providing the company with a competitive edge and a prestigious value.

R&D+i is the key for the development of any company, especially those that employ technologies but more so if they belong to sectors where the potential of innovative growth is strong, such as the environmental sector in industry.

Conscious of this, Emgrisa includes R&D+i in its corporate policy “the research, development and implementation of all kinds of procedures, devices, products, patents and utility models related to the treatment of industrial waste and contaminated land“.

In the field of hazardous industrial waste, investigation projects are focused on increasing the capacity of minimization, reuse or recovery of waste with the goal to drastically reduce disposal in authorized hazardous landfills.

In the field of contaminated land and groundwater, the objective of innovation is identifying the viability of new treatment technologies as well as to validate emergent remediation technologies with greater emphasis on sustainability.

Emgrisa develops R&D+i studies and projects with its own resources, and through the close collaboration of research institutions, universities and other specialized companies.


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