Environmental engineering

Environmental engineering

Our environmental engineering service provides the necessary designs and solutions to specific environmental problems associated with waste, industrial wastewater and contaminated land such as:

  • Feasibility studies.
  • Conceptual engineering (technical and economic feasibility).
  • Treatment tests and pilot trials.
  • Basic process engineering
  • Detailed engineering.
  • Construction and operation of treatment units.
  • Technical and administrative assistance in all phases of a project.

Our strength lies in our innovative capacity to design tailor-made solutions incorporating elements of greater efficiency and of less cost than those technologies that currently exist in the market.

All of our solutions are based upon the determination of key parameters obtained using different treatability tests and pilot trials ensuring the quality of the information obtained. We take into consideration during the first stages of design, aspects such as quality, ease of use and health & safety.

We have nearly 30 years of experience in the environmental sector and in that time we have designed, constructed and put into operation a wide variety of waste management and treatment facilities and portable soil remediation systems.



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