TEKURA project

Start of the Tekura project with the participation of EMGRISA

Published 10/03/17

On March 9th 2017, the startup meeting of the TEKURA project took place. This translates to “Research and development of bioactive compounds based on tecnosoles” aiming to prevent the generation of acidic drainage in uranium mining. It is a research and development project with funding approved by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI). ENUSA our parent company is the promoter of this project and EMGRISA along with CIEMAT and the University of Santiago de Compostela are the active participants.

The total duration of the TEKURA project is thirty seven (37) months. The main goal is to test and develop a process of manufacturing tecnosoles from waste, allowing for the elimination of acidic water from being generated during the restoration and closure of the old uranium mines exploited by ENUSA located in Saelices el Chico in the province of Salamanca.

The main objective is the identification and application of tecnosoles suitable to the site in order to prevent acidification of groundwater and surface water. This will reduce or eliminate the need to treat drainage water thereby, minimising the maintenance of the closure of the mine operations

Therefore the TEKURA project includes from the construction of a plant to manufacture the tecnosoles within the mining facilities. The project includes the application of the technosoles, re-vegetation and the corresponding environmental controls to assess its efficiency.

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