Quantitative risk analysis

Quantitative risk analysis

We offer Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) or Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) for human health and/or ecosystems in accordance to the criteria established in the Spanish Royal Decree 9/2005 on “contaminated soils and potentially contaminating activities” and by Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA) methodology.

These studies form a key part of the environmental diagnosis of a site by quantifying numerically the risks associated with the contaminants detected in the site investigation forming the basis of the Conceptual Site Model and potential receptors. The conclusions of the Quantitative Risk Analysis permit our clients to:

  • Determine if their site is contaminated with an unacceptable environmental risk and therefore it is necessary to proceed to remediation measures.
  • Determine the target quality objectives for each compound in a remediation.
  • Properly manage environmental risks.
  • Others: future site uses management, assessment of environmental liabilities, etc.

Our team of analysts has many years of experience in completing over 150 quantitative risk analysis for human health for many types of industries and for a wide range of chemical compounds. The solvency of our team is demonstrated by the technical expert assistance provided to the IHOBE environmental agency of the Basque Country.

Additionally, we are leaders and pioneers in Spain in the completion of risk analysis for ecosystems, some of which are associated with large existing environmental problems at the national level. In many cases, we base our evaluations on specific eco toxicological analyses and studies.

In addition, in Emgrisa we have the most up-to-date tools of mathematical modeling of environmental risks such as: RBCA Tool Kit, RISC, etc., as well as access to complete toxicological databases (IRIS, RAIS, ATDSR, etc.).



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