Technical assistance for the Rural Pathways Program

In 2015 Emgrisa embarked on its collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and the Environment providing technical assistance to the Department for the Promotion and Development of the Rural Environment. The work included the review of proposed new and ongoing projects for both rural pathways and rural infrastructure.

The projects controlled by Emgrisa in this program are supervised by technicians who possess an ample experience in inspection for the compliance with all the current regulations related to quality, environment and waste management.

Scope of works

The technical assistance provide by Emgrisa in the Rural Pathways Program is a follows:

  • Recovery of abandoned railway lines to transform them into a green route.
  • Construction of rural pathways for farms.
  • Placement of metal and wooden footbridges to cross roads and rivers.
  • Search and design of rest and recreational areas as a complement to constructed pathways.
  • Study and design of pathway signs to guide ramblers.

For all of the above, the technicians are involved with:

  • Supervision of site works.
  • Resolving problems during the site works and emission of reports detailing the actions taken.
  • Control of the compliance to the work plan in terms of quantity, quality, infrastructure, etc.
  • Control of compliance to administrative requirements (permits, etc.).
  • Quantity control (work items completed, measurements, surveys, etc.).

Final reports, proposals and other specific studies for the Ministry.

Technical assistance for the Rural Pathways Program


Description of the Rural Pathways Program

The program for rural pathways has provided the improvement of many kilometers of rural paths and roads throughout the Spanish geography. The main objective of this program is to maximize to the best advantage the pre-existing rural routes, bridleways, cattle trails or abandoned railway lines to maximize the development of rural infrastructure and provide greater access to the natural environment for the general public and tourists.

Technical assistance for the Rural Pathways Program

Thanks to the increase in awareness and respect for the nature and the environment, countless disused rural infrastructures have been recovered transforming them to become accessible for recreational use. This program has also enabled for the access to new routes into the countryside and this is noted by the increase of rural tourism in Spain.

The development of the vast network of rural infrastructures (from small pathways to long routes) has enabled a sustainable development for the rural countryside while tourists as well as the local population, can enjoy new experiences close to nature whether they be hikers, cyclists or for horse riding.


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