Presentation of Emgrisa in Peru on may 11th, 2015

Published 07/05/15

On May 11th, 2015, Emgrisa in Peru will organise a day of presentation of the company and its delegation to various companies and representatives of the administration in Lima.

The President of Emgrisa, Mr. José Luis González Martínez, the General Director, Mr. Mariano Martínez Cepa, the Technical Director, Mr. Alfonso Álvarez Rodríguez, and the Director of the Peru Delegation of Emgrisa, Mr. José Ángel Andrés Anadón, will oversee the presentation of the organization. The event will introduce to the attendees the environmental services and emblematic projects in which Emgrisa has participated and has to offer, also emphasising its commitment to the protection of the environment.

With a guaranteed experience of over 25 years, Emgrisa in Peru seeks to provide services of land decontamination and groundwater, management of a wide range of wastes (agro-food, urban solids, industrial, etc.), mining restoration, consulting and environmental engineering and technical assistance to the private sector and public administrations, both in Peru itself and in the rest of Latin American countries.

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