Environmental training for YPFB

New Environmental Training for YPFB

Published 12/12/16

Emgrisa has given an environmental training course called “Remediating Contaminated Sites” for YPFB (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos), of 60 hours, between September and November 2016. The aim of this course was to provide technical criteria for the correct management of soil and groundwater decontamination projects.

The training program focused on the demonstration and analyses of the best available techniques used for the remediation of sites contaminated by hydrocarbons. The contents were divided into four modules: three of a theoretical and practical character, completed in the city of La Paz, and a fourth, entirely practical, done in the refinery Gualberto Villarroel of Cochabamba.

Environmental training for YPFB

The training attendees were technicians and managers from YPFB Casa Matriz and the subsidiary companies: YPFB Refinación, YPFB Aviación, YPFB Logística and YPFB Chaco. The emgrisa training team consisted in four specialised technicians all of them with over 15 years of experience in decontamination projects. All the attendees valued very positively the training received and the professional experience of the speakers.

This course complements the environmental training related to the “Investigation of Contaminated Sites” also given by Emgrisa in 2015, as well as forming part of the training program for improving management awareness involving environmental projects facing the state oil company.

Emgrisa would like to thank YPFB for the collaboration and kindness received, not only from the attendees, but from all the staff who made the achievement of this course possible.

These types of technical training workshops are a consequence of the technical assistance services offered by Emgrisa to industry and reflects the growth of our organisation in South America where we have completed various projects in Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.


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