Headquarters in Madrid (Spain)

Postal address:

Calle Santiago Rusiñol, 12 · 28040 Madrid, Spain

phone/s: +34 91 411 92 15

Fax: +34 91 564 58 05

Email: info@emgrisa.es

The headquarters of EMGRISA is located in Madrid. The company Management is located here as well as the Department of Administration and the Technical Department which comprises of a multidisciplinary team of professionals: engineers, geologists, chemists, biologists, environmental technicians, etc.

Our installations are equipped with modern computing systems with both advanced hardware and software to facilitate the interpretation and presentation of the results for on-going projects and designs. The field equipment and materials used for investigations are also stored here and can be mobilized at short notice. 


Santiago Rusiñol, 12 · 28040 Madrid (España)

+34 91 411 92 15


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