Urban waste treatment complex of Cervera de Maestre

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Partida Les Basses, 12578 Cervera del Maestre, Castellón (Comunidad Valenciana), Spain

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The joint venture PLAN ZONAL M.S.W. Zone 1 (Bionord) is majority owned by Enusa Industrias Avanzadas (85,67%), has designed, built and currently operates, with a concession for 20 years, the service of management of municipal solid waste generated in the 49 municipalities in the north of the Castellón province, through the exploitation of the complex treatment of Cervera de Maestre.

The complex is formed mainly by the most advanced biotechnological plant of Spain. This plant is based on the bio-drying and accelerated oxidation with an energy recovery superior to 80 % (fuel derived from waste, recycling, composting, etc.). The treatment plant is completely automated and has bio-filters, so that no contact exists with the waste and the generation of foul odour is eliminated. Two treatment lines exist, one for organic matter and waste from composting and the other line for the remaining fraction, consisting of non-classified waste material (bio-drying).

The complex is completed by a landfill to dispose of the non-recoverable waste (<20% of the entry volume). The construction of the landfill doubles the requirements stipulated in the Spanish Royal Decree 1481/2001 which regulates the elimination of waste by landfill, thus ensuring maximum protection of the environment and groundwater. The treatment capacity of the installation is 120,000 tonnes per year, providing a service to 49 municipalities with a seasonal maximum population of 300,000 inhabitants.


Santiago Rusiñol, 12 · 28040 Madrid (España)

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