Biogas plant in Juzbado (Salamanca)

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Road of Salamanca a Ledesma, km 22, 37115 Juzbado, Salamanca (Castilla y León)

phone/s: +34 923 080 023

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The Bio-gas plant located in Juzbado (Salamanca) is a pioneering installation for the treatment of agricultural waste from livestock and from agricultural industrial processes. The plant obtains energy from bio-gas and generates agronomic digestate. The plant is owned and operated by Enusa Industrias Avanzadas, and has a treatment capacity of 70,000 tonnes per year and the potential to generate 500 kW of electricity.

The treatment is based on a process of anaerobic digestion that in the absence of oxygen, transforms waste into biogas, mainly methane gas, which has a high calorific value for its combustion and conversion to electricity or heat. In addition, waste generated from the digestion, (known as digestate), is used as a fertilizer for agriculture (thanks to its concentration in nutrients). This is produced by refining its organic load and eliminating pathogens and odours. This produced digestate avoids the use of chemical fertilizers and the combustion of biogas reduces emissions of methane to the atmosphere.


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