ENAC extends Emgrisa´s Acreditacion scope

Published 25/06/18

ENAC  renews Emgrisa´s accreditation services and extends scope to the Quantitative Risk Analisys (QRA).

On June 22, 2018 the commission of the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC), notified Emgrisa (Empresa para la Gestión de Residuos Industriales, S.A., S.M.E., M.P.) the agreement for which its accreditation for the investigation of potentially contaminated soils and associated groundwater was maintained, and extended scope to the Quantitative Risk Analisys (QRA), also named Environmental Risk Assesment (ERA). In this way, Emgrisa once again, positioned itself as a leading  Inspection entity, completing its catalog of inspection services to all the activities referred in current legislation (Royal Decree 9/2005, of January 14 ).

For more information on Environmental Risks Assesment, click here.


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