Mercury project in Mongolia

Emgrisa trains on mercury environmental technicians from the mongolian Administration

Published 23/11/15

In October 2015, Emgrisa gave a training workshop on the characterisation and monitoring of sites contaminated by heavy metals, especially mercury.

The course formed part of the project “Provision of Remedial Solutions for the Boroo Mercury Contaminated Site and Recovery of Mercury”, led by the successful contractor consortium integrating Emgrisa, MAYASA (also belonging to the SEPI group) and the Greek company POLYECO. This project is funded by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Agency), in partnership with the Mongolian Ministry Environment and Tourism.

The course consisted of a theoretical session at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Ulaanbaatar, and two practical days carried out in the contaminated site of the Boroo River located approximately 70 miles North from the capital Ulaanbaatar.

The training allowed attendees to see first-hand the usual field work in a study of characterisation of the subsoil and the implantation of a network of groundwater quality monitoring wells. Other tasks included the perforation and observation of mechanical and manual probes, installation of piezometers, procedures and management of equipment for the sampling (soils, surface water and groundwater, etc.), as well as the management of equipment to obtain field data.


Proyecto Mongolia

The course was attended by professionals from various administrations, including the Ministry of the Environment, National Institute of Chemistry, Specialized Inspection Agency, Emergency Management Unit, analytical laboratories, etc.

Emgrisa would like to thank UNIDO, the professionals of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia and all the attendees for their collaboration and kindness that made this practical training course it a complete success.

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