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Participation of Emgrisa in the ‘Training on Mercury Management and Remediation of Contaminated Sites’

Published 10/12/15

EMGRISA actively participated in the “Training on mercury management and remediation of contaminated sites”, celebrated in Almadén, Ciudad Real, on the 18th and 19th of November 2015.

This international seminar was organised by the National Technological Centre for the Decontamination of Mercury of MAYASA and the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production, under the UNEP MAP and Horizon 2020 Programs.


Among the presentations, Silvia de la Rosa and Raúl López, both professionals from EMGRISA, presented respectively the methodology of quantitative analysis of risks for human health in contaminated sites, with special emphasis on mercury and the design of environmental restoration of the old Mercury mine of “La Soterraña” (Asturias).

Participación Emgrisa Jornada Mercurio

Among the attendees were representatives of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment (MAGRAMA), as well as representatives of the Ministry of Environment, agencies and environmental organizations from many Mediterranean countries (Italy, Israel, Tunisia, Morocco, Montenegro, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Albania, etc.). This allowed the sharing of the current situations in the environmental management of mercury in these countries, in line with the Barcelona Convention.

Before the end of the seminar, a guided visit was made by staff from Mayasa to the Almadén Mining Site, a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its cultural and natural value. The underground mine, the Interpretation Centre, the ancient metallurgical and the restored tailings dump of the San Teodoro hill were visited.

Emgrisa would like to thank the whole organization and especially Javier Carrasco and Ana Conde, both technicians from the National Technological Centre for the Decontamination of Mercury for their invitation to participate in the seminar, as well as their hospitality that made our stay in Almadén an enriching experience.

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