Emgrisa presented its Delegation in Peru

Published 18/05/15

Emgrisa presented its Delegation in Peru in Lima on May 11th (link in Spanish) after just over one year in operation.

The presentation was held in a hotel in Lima and was attended by the President of Emgrisa, José Luis González, the Peruvian Vice-Minister of Environmental Management, Mariano Castro, and the Minister Advisor of the Spanish Embassy, Jorge Sánchez.

The President of Emgrisa pointed out that they have decided to invest in Peru, “because it is a country with growth, with a mining and hydrocarbon industry and that it has a “very demanding and modern” regulation in addition to “important legal stability”.

González emphasized that Emgrisa is a company of environmental services, principally in the field of mining and hydrocarbons, and that what it offers is its methodology and experience based on the capabilities that have been used “to solve complex and delicate problems” along its trajectory.

The President of Emgrisa affirmed that what they offer is “technology, innovation, experience, closeness with the client and management training”.

The Minister Adviser of the Embassy of Spain emphasised that Emgrisa initiated its internationalisation process four years ago, and “it has already demonstrated its success” in countries like Chile, and Kuwait.

In the turn of the Peruvian Vice-Minister, he said that “environmental regulation in Peru has been growing for several years in a sustained way” and recalled that Spain is the first investor in Peru.

The presentation also included the General Director of Emgrisa, Mariano Martínez Cepa, the Technical Director Alfonso Álvarez, and the Director of the Peru Delegation, José Ángel Andrés.

In Peru, Emgrisa offers decontamination services of soils and groundwater, management of a wide range of waste (agro-food, urban solids, industrial, etc.), mining restoration, environmental engineering and consultancy and technical assistance to the private sector and Public Administrations.



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