Emgrisa Peru Office participates in the 33rd edition of the PERUMIN Mining Convention

Published 22/12/17

Perumin-Mining Convention is one of the main global events within mining sector. The event is organised by the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru which was founded in 1943 and whose aim is to promote and carry out activities that contribute to the professional and technical development of the mining sector.

The Mining Convention in its 33rd edition was planned to highlight the social-environmental side, as well as the technician of the mining industry. For this reason, their motto was ‘Mining: sustainability and competitiveness’.

Perumin Convention

Emgrisa has been invited to participate and to do an expose on novel technologies applied to the mining sector. The exhibition was made by the Director of the Peru Office, José Ángel Andrés who spoke of the implementation of systems of environmental risks as a management tool to provide support to a mining operation.

The computer tool developed and patented by Emgrisa was described, that by using algorithms and formulation, the program allows for the modelling of risk scenarios, the quantification and the monetarisation of the consequences arising from the results of said program. The program also allows you to model the application of preventive measures and to quantify their impact in such scenarios, so it is a useful decision-making process tool for future investments.

Fifteen countries were present at Perumin and there were 313 technical presentations, 800 companies present and more than 100,000 visitors in 10.7 hectares of facilities.

Emgrisa Peru works intensively with the large mining groups in the resolution of problems of environmental management and is positioning itself as a leader in this sector and its sustainability.


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