Emgrisa participates in a conference organized by the CARESOIL Program

Published 13/11/15

Emgrisa has participated in the conference “Joining Efforts in the Characterization and Recovery of Sites Contaminated by Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid: Administration, Enterprise, University” organised within the framework of the CARESOIL program, in which EMGRISA is an active collaborator. This conference was held at the Gómez Pardo Foundation’s Auditorium, from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

CARESOIL is a R & D is a 2013 technologies program of the Autonomous Region of Madrid, which integrates six research groups from the Complutense University and Polytechnic University of Madrid, and diverse companies and associated researchers both foreign and national. The project aims to develop advanced processes and technologies in the field of characterisation, remediation, modelling and environmental risk assessment of contaminated soils. Emgrisa collaborates with RENFE, in the LI2GA group, dedicated to the application of geophysical and geochemical methods such as non-intrusive characterization techniques of contaminated soils, directed by Dr. Eduardo de Miguel, of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

The Conference was presented by Mr. Rafael García Muñoz, Assistant General Director of Research of the Autonomous Region of Madrid, D. José Luis Parra y Alfaro, Director of the School of Mines and Energy of the UPM and D. Arturo Romero Salvador, Project Coordinator of the CARESOIL program. The Conference was attended by Mr. Alfonso Álvarez Technical Director of Emgrisa as well as important representatives of the General Directorate of Waste Management and Environmental Quality of the Autonomous Region Madrid, General Subdivision of Waste of the Magrama, RENFE Manufacture and Maintenance Division, General Directorate of Sustainability of the Government of Aragon, Complutense University of Madrid and Polytechnic University of Madrid.

The conference was attended by a good number of professionals and specialists, served as a framework to analyze from several points of view the current situation and peculiarities of the contaminated soils sector in Spain, what perspectives exists in terms of developments in the legislation and the level of quality required by the competent authorities when receiving soil characterization reports or how companies perceive the services offered to them.

True to its vocation, Emgrisa maintains a high level of involvement in projects of innovation, research and development in the field of contaminated soils and is a leader in its sector in remediation.





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