Management of solid waste seminar

Emgrisa participates in a Seminar about Management of Solid Waste in Lima

Published 07/08/17

From July 4th through July 6th, the Emgrisa Office in Peru gave a seminar to the Sociedad Nacional de Industrias (SNI) about the correct management of solid waste. The seminar was lectured to environmental professionals from diverse production sectors included in the Advanced Training Program of SNI.

The seminar lasted eight hours and focussed on Peruvian legislation related to solid waste management, the themes included: treatment techniques, final disposal, global tendencies on safe handling and valorisation of solid waste. The participants of the seminar exchanged ideas about the different methods of management of solid waste as they work in the public and private sector (food industry, metalworking industry, airport services and printing services).

José Angel Andrés Anadón, Peru Office Director of Emgrisa, geologist and environmental consultant with a professional trajectory of more than 18 years, shares with the participating professionals the technical aspects of the different methods of treatment and management of solid municipal & non-municipal wastes. As well as his experience in the design of security landfills in Europe and also considerations about the safe removal of asbestos.

Annia Vargas Herrera, Consultant of the Technical Department of the Peru Office of Emgrisa, Environmental engineer with 10 years in the sector, talked about the recent changes in national legislation on solid waste management, the classification criteria used in different countries and new approaches in the minimisation and valorisation of waste at a global level.

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