Circular Economy Mission

Emgrisa participated with 40 EU companies in the Circular Economy Mission to Colombia

Published 27/10/17

The Directorate-General for the Environment of the European Commission invited Emgrisa as well as another 40 EU companies to participate in the Circular Economy Mission to Colombia which was held from the 16th of October to the 20th of October 2017.

The objectives of the mission were: Enhancing cooperation in environmental issues between the EU and Colombia, to establish a dialog on environmental problems between the administration and business sectors and to promote green solutions through trade agreements and technological advances.

The Mission established meetings at local, regional and national levels, with business sectors and universities, as well as promoting direct encounters between European and Colombian companies to find common points and possible alliances to promote action and business in the field of the circular economy.

Circular Economy Mission

Emgrisa took to Colombia its experience in the field of waste management, environmental management, bioenergy and environmental technologies. More than 30 contacts have established with administrations and companies interested in the technologies and services of our company.


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