Emgrisa is a collaborating entity in Extremadura

Published 02/06/15

Emgrisa since 7th of May 2015 is inscribed in the Registry of Collaborating Entities in relation to Land Contamination in the Autonomous Region of Extremadura in accordance to Decree 49/2015 of March the 30th (link in Spanish), DOE Nº64, date 6-4-2015.

Emgrisa is a company accredited in accordance with UNE-EN ISO/IEC17020, which establishes the general criteria for the operation of different types of bodies which carry out inspection in the environmental sector, field: soil, meeting the requirements laid down in the Decree 49/2015. The personnel assigned to the tasks subject to registration must have been recognised as an inspector in the accreditation in the UNE-EN ISO/IEC17020 standard, and the accreditable proceedings must be presented with the ENAC mark.

The inscription in this register, authorises the entity registered to carry out investigations, evaluation of environmental risks and recovery of the quality of the soil in the territorial area of the Autonomous Region of Extremadura.


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