EMGRISA collaborates in DSEAR PLAN

Published 06/06/22

EMGRISA has collaborated with the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge in the preparation of the National Plan for Wastewater Treatment, Sanitation, Efficiency, Savings and Reuse (DSEAR Plan) whose final and consolidated version was approved by Order TED/801/2021, of July 14. The Plan is shaped as a governance instrument that aims to incorporate, in the River Basin Management Plans of the third cycle (2022-2027), improved procedures and work methodologies aligned and focused on meeting the objectives of the hydrological planning, mainly in the areas of wastewater treatment, sanitation and reuse of reclaimed water. The Plan reviews the strategies and actions that define water policy in these areas, seeking to align them with the policies related to the European Green Deal, and the national policies for the ecological transition and the demographic challenge.


The Plan is the result of an important joint and coordinated effort, developed under the leadership of the Hydrological Planning Department of the General Water Directorate. The technical work has been reinforced by an extensive participatory process that included its public consultation process open to stakeholders and affected administrations, the holding of face-to-face workshops and a final presentation webinar, and a web-survey. Moreover, the DSEAR Plan has been subject to an ordinary strategic environmental assessment procedure.

The technical reports and complementary documentation can be consulted at https://www.miteco.gob.es/es/agua/temas/planificacion-hidrologica/planificacion-hidrologica/planes-programas-relacionados/ , in addition to the informative materials generated: video, book in Spanish and English (the cover of which is accompanying this news item) and a A0 size Poster


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