Emgrisa collaborates with the Government of Aragón

Emgrisa collaborates with the Government of Aragón in the drafting of the Strategic Environmental Action Plan against Lindane waste contamination

Published 30/06/17

Emgrisa collaborated with the Government of Aragón in drafting of the “Strategic Environmental Action Plan against lindane waste contamination“, which was published in December 2016.

The preparation of this plan arises from the mandate passed by the Parliament of Aragón on the decontamination of lindane in Aragón and the reactivation of industry in Sabiñánigo. Posteriorly the plan included the participation of the “Scientific Committee in the support of HCH (hexachlorocyclohexane) Waste Management” and other implicated agents were presented and discussed in the Parliament of Aragón to also receive contributions from the different parliamentary groups.

The Strategic Environmental Action Plan is an open, dynamic tool, subject to continual revision and improvement and constitutes the “Road Map” of the Government of Aragón against the problems existing around Sabiñánigo and the River Gállego because of the presence of waste form the manufacture of lindane in the past. The problem also conditions the potential water quality of the Ebro river basin and presents a grave risk against human health and ecosystems.

Objectives of the Plan against lindane

The fundamental objectives of the Plan are as follows:

  • Guarantee the potability of drinking water for populations and villages located downstream from Bailín.
  • Impede the arrival of contaminants to surface waters and aquifers.
  • To promote the work of Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) focused on decontamination of soil and groundwater.
  • The complete elimination of wastes.

The extensive experience of Emgrisa in sites contaminated by lindane waste in Aragon has contributed to shaping this integral plan, combining the very diverse collaborations of the different agents involved and always under the guidelines of the Department of Rural Development and Sustainability of the Government of Aragón.


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